Mechanical / Plant EngineeringMaschinen- / Anlagenbau
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Selected Projects: Mechanical / Plant Engineering

  • Restructuring concept for a manufacturer of special machinery for the manufacture of screws (strategy, product range, reorganisation, internationalisation); longer-term assistance in implementation
  • Redevelopment / restructuring of a major construction machinery / plant group
  • Strategic, organisational realignment of a manufacturer of closed-die and open-die forging presses
  • Technical / logistical optimisation of a renowned manufacturer of plants for chipboard production
  • Technical / organisational optimisation concept for a special manufacturer of bank note sorting machines
  • Reorganisation of the market leader in laboratory sample preparation devices
  • Realignment of a plant manufacturer in Switzerland
  • Alignment of a plant / device manufacturer in the former GDR with the requirements of the market economy
  • Development of market entry options for a Japanese manufacturer of environmental management plants seeking entry on the German market



Selected Project Examples: Mechanical / Plant Engineering

Optimisation of competitive position of a mid-market manufacturer of special machines for the manufacturer of screws

  1. Examination and optimisation of strategic alignment within the competitive environment
  2. Earnings-optimising focus of product range
  3. Efficiency-improving reorganisation of core processes
  4. Expansion of internationalisation
  5. Assistance with generational change

Optimisation of competitive position of a corporate-bound mechanical engineering company in the field of conversion technology to market leader

  1. Analytical benchmarking of strengths and vulnerabilities in relation to the competition
  2. Realignment of strategic product positioning
  3. Reorganisation of major core processes, such as development, project management, component planning / production for greater flexibility and a notable reduction in lead times
  4. Analysis and evaluation of options for strategic alliances in specific market segments