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Selected Projects: Energy

  • Reorganisation of an energy provider
  • Analysis of innovative energy technologies within the scope of the overall strategic development for a Swiss conglomerate
  • Development of strategic concepts for the diversification of energy providers (national and international)
  • Analysis and reorganisation of R&D activities of an energy company for the realisation of synergy potentials
  • Restructuring and strategic optimisation of the activities of an energy company for the business segments „Regenerative energy“ and „Decentralised energy systems“
  • Reorganisation of waste wood supplies for operator of several large cogeneration (CHP) plants
  • Analysis and evaluation of strategic cooperation options in the CHP sector for an energy company


Project Example: Energy

Strategic / organisational optimisation of an innovative energy systems company (wind power, decentralised energy supply)


  1. Analysis of target markets and market segments
  2. Continuous, results-oriented market segment alignment, assuring the company the best competitive advantages
  3. Adjustment of the organisation with defined, strategic success factors
  4. Re-organisation of fuel procurement crucial to the company’s success
  5. Rollout of success factors pertaining to Germany on the international markets